The First K-Drama Studio Membership NFT

Time-share Film Studio Membership NFT, Slate-1

Community Driven K-Contents Accelerator

2nd whitelist ends in
(It will be held for 30 days depending on market conditions and could be announce to change at a later)
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1-Hour Studio Rental

Staked NFTs Generate Unique PFPs

Stake Your NFT to get Governance Tokens

Donate Governance Tokens to Fund Your Favorite Projects

Network Evening for Contents Creators and Fans at Screening Events

Production Participation and Invitations to GALA dinners & Showcase Events


(Klaytn Based Price : 330 KRW)

Minting Price 500 Klaytn
  • 1st Sale (1,000ea) Earlybird NFT airdops from partner network, 10% of 2nd sale volume will be randomly airdropped to 1st colloction holders
  • 2nd Sale (2,000ea) 5% of 3rd sale volume will be randomly airdropped to 2nd colloction holders
  • 3rd Sale (3,000ea) -


  • Membership Tier / # of NFTs Community Perks
  • RED (1ea) Governance Tokens
  • PURPLE (5ea) RED Tier Perks + Screening Events
  • BLACK (5ea of Every Collection) PURPLE Tier Perks + Production Participation + GALA Dinners


Slate-1 is tokenization project for Korea's movie studios which are currently operating. 50% of total membership will be tokenized and minted as NFTs. It is Korea's first commercial membership NFT project. NFTs are essentially timeshare tickets to a network of studios of KORADs.
Slate-1 brings filmmakers, contents creators, and general together for a new and exciting community. General public and K-Drama fans can stake their NFTs for governance tokens and fund their favorite filmmakers and projects.

Our project aims to establish a direct communication between content creators and their fan base. From preproduction stage, fans and general public can now interact with filmmaker community which will fuel the projects with fresh ideas and voice of customers. Filmmakers around the world will benefit from loyal fans gathered to back their projects at the earliest production stages.

The ultimate goal is to create dynamic community filled with fans and content creators alike, which will raise interactive contents creation to a new level.


Film Studio Network Build-Up

100 %

Initiate Reservation for film Studio Schedule

30 %

Studio Renovation

5 %

NFT Design

30 %


88 %

  • 10%



    Whitelisting for mint slate1 NFT

  • 20%

    Whitelist Mint

    Whitelist Mint

    Slate1 NFT mint for only whitelisted

  • 25%

    Public Mint

    Public Mint

    Slate1 NFT mint for only all

  • 30%

    Limited NFT airdrop

    Limited NFT airdrop

    Special NFT airdrop for top holders, whitelisted holders

  • 50%

    K-drama set crank in

    K-drama set crank in

    Starting shoot for K-drama in the studio

  • 70%

    NFT Staking

    NFT Staking

    NFT Staking for reward the govoernance token

  • 80%

    Governance Token

    Governance Token System

    Support token ecosystem for payment on HPX networks, pariciate for governance poll, donate for staffs

  • 100%

    Showcase Invitation

    Showcase Invitation

    Showcase invitation to Holders and who donate to staffs

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2nd whitelist ends in
(It will be held for 30 days depending on market conditions and could be announce to change at a later)
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